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Our Services

Ledger accounting of all documents. 

Preparation and submission via Internet of VAT/Corporate Tax forms.

Analysis of Client/Supplier accounts.

Bank reconciliations.

Preparation of year-end accounts. 

Preparation of all company books.

Calculation and payment of withholding tax, namely, IRS/Corporate,Tax/Stamp Duty. 

Preparation of work contracts (by our partner Lawyer).

Preparation of all payroll receipts.

Preparation and submission of all monthly salaries’ declarations to the Social Security Department.

Preparation of yearly salary declarations for employees/ independent suppliers;.

Preparation of all staff related forms required by the Labour Department.

Natgest Lda has at its disposal a variety of guidelines/studies for your company, if you are interested in additional consultancy services, namely:

  • Profit/Loss forecasts (Quarterly)
  • Analysis of economic and financial ratios (Quarterly)
  • Annual Revenues and Costs Budgets – Analysis of variances (Quarterly)
  • Assistance in decisions regarding the purchase of fixed assets and other investments

Fiscal Representation

Natgest provides a service of fiscal representation for non-resident and offshores companies. Fiscal representation basically means that we will act as your representative in Portugal in respect of your tax affairs with the Portuguese Fiscal Administration.

We provide all the relevant information requested by the Portuguese Tax Authorities, claim, object, contest and appeal against any tax or any decisions made by the Portuguese Tax Authorities with which the client does not agree with, and maintain the client informed of its’ relationship with the Portuguese Tax Authorities. 

Our services include:
  •  Request the Portuguese fiscal number and the respective card;
  •  Annual payment of IMI (Council Annual Tax Rates);
  •  Filing and Submit the annual declaration of incomes (IRS/IRC);
  •  Process and compliance of Capital Gains Tax.

“A service for us is not a job, is a value we want to offer you.”

About Us

Célia Vences and Natércia Palma created Natgest Lda. in January 2001.

It is a young company, with qualified and dynamic staff, who confront the workplace with an innovative perspective, adapting to the growing needs of companies who look for solutions to stand out in the business world.

Our mission is to provide a service which is: 

  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Responsible
  • Confidential

Our goal is to overcome difficulties and provide fiscal and accounting solutions.

“The solution is not to discover but to overcome.”

Our Team

"We do not consider our work as a burden, but a means of providing more value to your company."

Célia Vences


Graduate degree in Financial Management, Chartered Accountant n.º 55510.

Cátia Barradas



Paula Palma

Certified Accountant


Isabel Amaral



Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us

Address: Rua de Mar e Guerra, 75a
8005-424 Braciais(Patacão)

Phone:: +351 289 816 390
Mobile: +351 927 773 239
Email: geral@natgest.pt